About Us

The Ethel Rose House of Refuge is a Christian-based sober house, which addresses the issues of substance abuse as well as provides a safe environment to meet the needs of recovery. Our purpose is to provide support, resources, and educational tools in an effort to maintain sobriety. Our target goal is a maximum of two years. Our purpose is to promote well-being by teaching self-help skills, promoting spiritual education and support. Our goal is to further act whenever possible as advocates for such women and to promote resources that will assist in the growth of our guests.


The mission of the Ethel Rose House of refuge is to assist women who have a history of alcohol and drug abuse. Our mission is to address individuals holistically. We believe that if we address the whole person, it will allow such a person to experience greater success. The ethel House of Refuge will provide a safe and healthy environment that would not only address the issue of homelessness but, will also offer a variety of support to women who are on the road to recovery. The Ethel Rose House of Refuge will provide the necessary tools for a successful recovery from addictions. We will not only provide support from the recovering of alcohol and drug addiction but to recover that which may have been lost because of addiction, such as loss of children, disconnection from families, and friends, loss of employment, and lack of education. Our mission is to reintroduce women to who they are and to learn their value as they discover the gifts and talents, they possess which will ultimately lead to a healthy lifestyle.